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The automotive industry is getting revolutionized day by day. We are witnessing many innovations which are taking the market by storm. One such innovation is the electric vehicle (EV). EVs are in too much demand nowadays. With the increasing demand for EVs comes the need to maintain them. Valvoline’s VIOC POS is one such leading company in the automotive sector that offers services that help to maintain EVs.

At Valvoline, the engineers constantly research to produce products that help maintain electronic vehicles. Be it two-wheeler or four-wheeler, electric vehicles are the talk of the town. And in such a scenario, how can a service provider trail behind? Of course not; the Valvoline team is working equally hard to help achieve the cause.

vioc pos employee schedule

The EVs also require fluid oils in addition to the regular charging of their battery. And Valvoline is a pioneer in this field. These fluid oils not only help maintain battery temperature variation but also ensure the smooth working of the engine to reduce pollution.


Advantages Of Working At Valvoline

An efficient company needs efficient employees. And Valvoline holds a record for being one of the best employers. 

  • This company offers suitable options to ensure employee satisfaction and thus retain them for a longer time.
  • Flexible shift options are available for employees so that they can continue their education along with the job.
  • A typical work shift has a duration of 11-12 hours. 
  • Employee scheduling is generally displayed in the service center. It is a dynamic schedule that is updated on a need basis. 
  • Every employee is provided on-the-job training to ensure the best services. 
  • Also, employees are expected to take up training from time to time to be updated with the latest trends in the market. 
  • Valvoline is also a good paymaster and offers an excellent hierarchical growth option. 
  • The workforce is primarily young and thus full of zeal and energy to achieve their targets.

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Drawbacks Of Working At Valvoline

  • The sites of Valvoline service centers are not always easily accessible and thus difficult to reach. 
  • Also, the constant rush of vehicles levies a significant burden on the service provider for always being on the toes.
  • Long working hours take a toll on the employee’s overall productivity.
  • As the workforce is young, the temperament control and maturity levels of leaders are weak.
  • Initially, the employees have to slog a lot. The work hours to payment ratio is poor in the initial years.
  • As the sites are mainly gas stations or garages, the service centers’ cleanliness remains an issue.
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Despite all the cons mentioned above, employees find satisfaction in working here as a long-term company offers good benefits. Customer satisfaction is the main motto of the company, and time and again, it is stressed in the training schedules of the employees.

It is a company that sustains the services it offers and the innovative products it manufactures. The employees are hired and trained to keep this in mind fact. Quality Assurance is achieved through efficient employee training, and it is rightly exhibited in the service customers get from them. 

The measure of Employee Performance

Valvoline is a service provider; customer feedback is of prime importance to it. Instead, this feedback is the fuel for companies’ regular upgradation and evolution policy. The performance of the company’s employees is rightly displayed in the service satisfaction achieved by the customers.

Customer feedback certifies the exceptional training and quality of Valvoline employees. They always have and will continue to offer the best services to their customers and, in turn, remain a pioneer in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the working hours at Valvoline instant oil change?

Valvoline Instant Oil Change employees have to work 12 hours in one day for one shift. 

How many hours do you work in a day at Valvoline instant oil change?

It can take up to 10-12 hours to complete the procedure of changing the oil.

Would part-time hours start after 4:30 PM?

No, there is no part-time job after 4:30 PM.

What are the hours for call center employees?

The employees must work 10 hours or more in call centers. And they will be paid as per the hours they work at a call center. 

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